Мышьяк Арсений
Из интервью Стивена Моффата:
Q: Other than Doctor Who, what other shows were 'appointment TV' for you when you were a child?
A: I really liked Doctor Who starring Jon Pertwee; Doctor Who starring Patrick Troughton; I was a particular devotee of Doctor Who starring Peter Davison. And Tom Baker. Doctor Who starring anyone really. It's so many shows in one, that I really required to know no other shows.
Okay, my serious answer is, I bloody loved Columbo. I think I would have written a good Columbo. And if Peter Falk would kindly bend to public opinion and stop being dead, I would very much like to write for him.

Моффат отвлекся от сценариев и написал отличную статью о сериале "Коломбо" (который я не смотрела, но о котором, естественно, слышала — а кто не?).

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